Saturday, August 3, 2013

You're BLOCKED! I've Told Everyone. Now I'm Sharing Your Posts (That I Blocked).

I can understand blocking someone on a social network. I've done so myself, but it's rare. I can even understand (in some weird section of my brain) creating a list of people you've deemed "block worthy"; although (is this the right place for a semi-colon? I never know) I really struggle with the idea of sharing that list with people so they can uncritically decide to block the same people (not taking into consideration any biases you may have against this "awful" person) but, whatever. That's their choice. What I don't understand (and likely wont understand) is blocking someone...adding them to your bullshit "block worthy" list...and then writing a blog post containing 200 (2000? do you think I counted them?) tweets that this "horrible" (actually...WONDERFUL) person sent. What sense does it make to block someone, tell the entire world you've done it...and then share a bunch of that person's tweets (which you've blocked!) on your blog?!? I don't know why I'm even saying anything about this. You should probably block me for even posting about it. It only matters to me because EVERYONE I met at TAM talked about how "lack of community" was the most difficult part of "losing their faith". It's tough to feel like you're the only one (I know. I felt this way for years). I'm sorry. This post is rife with babble, odd punctuation, and likely typos. It's the only time I'm going to post about any of this. I really do understand blocking/deleting/unfollowing me for it. I hope you don't. Ok...I got it out of my system. I hope some small piece of it made sense.

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