Friday, July 1, 2011

"Cultural Education"

Now that Jeffery has graduated from elementary school (see previous post), I figure it won't be long before hanging out with good ol' Dad is not the cool thing to do. So I am trying to take advantage of our free time this summer by creating, what I'm calling, a "cultural education" program. As part of this program we are watching a movie each night that I have deemed "essential" to the development of a young boy (and basically "essential" means it was a movie I liked when I was growing's a scientific list). There is no master list, we are choosing them each night as we move forward. And if the truth were told, there is no real educational agenda either...I just want to spend time with my kid before he is interested in other things besides his "old man".

So far we are four days in, and we've watched Meatballs, The Usual Suspects, The Crow, and Wayne's World. I've learned up to this point that we should probably stick with comedies. He liked both the Usual Suspects and the Crow (Crow better), but he was much more into the comedies. We'll be sticking with them for the most part. I think tonight we are going with Spaceballs.

I haven't posted a blog in over a week, partially because I've been spending more time with the kid (which is awesome). I do want to mention that I got to see Gilbert Gottfried perform his comedy act in Baltimore with my wife. WOW!!! What a great show. I am a big fan of live entertainment and a HUGE fan of Gilbert. In my head I have a list of people I'd like to see live before I die (or they die, whichever happens first), and I can now scratch Gilbert off the list (more on the rest of this list later). He was very kind afterwards and posed for a photo with me (see below..I'm the fat one on the right). It was my first trip ever to a comedy club (kind of like my "cultural education" for the summer) and I think making Gilbert my "first time" may have ruined all future acts for me. I don't see how anybody can top that.

A sample of the genius of Mr. Gottfried...

Until next time...

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