Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Babies and Ugly Math

My birthday is at the end of May. I think there is something special about having a birthday in May (and no, it has nothing to do with astrology...obviously). If you do the math and go back nine months from my birthday, it puts you at the end of August. I've heard it said (and it's probably bullshit) that more children are conceived during winter months because it's cold out and the weather sucks so what else do you have to do. Well, that's just not the case in August. You could do so many things at the end of August. You could take a trip to the beach or go to a barbecue. You could go to the zoo or a park. You could take in a movie (you know all the big blockbuster movies are released during the summer). You could do any of those things during August. But even though they had all of those activities to choose from, my parents made the decision to participate in the love-filled (or lust-filled) act of conceiving me. That seems special to me. Of course I realize that this also works for April and March birthdays, but I don't have a March or April birthday so I'm highlighting May...get over it, it's my blog.

Then I got to thinking about my son's birthday (end of July) and did the math on when he was conceived. That puts you in the end of October. And all of the sudden, that extra special feeling I got from being conceived out of summer was replaced by the realization that it's likely that my son's father (me) had to get dressed up in costume in order to get laid. Damn math!!!

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