Sunday, February 13, 2011

A quick laugh

I read in Psychology Today that laughter is a "speaking in tongues" in which we're moved by an unconscious response to social and linguistic cues. They go further to say that this is why people often say that they "can't laugh on command" (note that I didn't say "can't laugh on cue", because then my second sentence would have been in contradiction with my first...a surefire way to weed out the already small group of people who read my drivel).

In my first ever post on this blog, I made mention of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson and how he blamed God for dropping a crucial pass in a game. As great as I thought that was, I forgot about it rather quickly. Until I saw this video.....

I had an unconscious response to this for sure, as well as the rest of Mr. Deity's videos. If you had a similar response, check out more of his videos here. By the way, the blonde in the green sweater plays a character named Lucy (short for Lucifer). I wonder what it says about me that I had a strong response to her too (she's HOT!!!..which is also funny..heat/hell, get it).

I have actually found quite a few pieces of "secular" humor this week. The following pictures are two of my new favorites:

On a serious note, my hero, Charles Darwin, and my fathers hero, Abraham Lincoln, share a birthday. That birthday is February 12, 1809 (isn't that crazy..exact same day) and they would have both been 202 yesterday. My father just had a heart attack last week (he's doing great, thanks) and I went to visit with him yesterday and we talked about Lincoln for awhile. Good stuff.

Well, that's all I got for now. I have been having some interesting conversations lately that are eventually going to lead to a lengthy post about science, biblical literalism and absolutes (the conversation started out being about Egypt and freedom...completely nutty). Today is not that day. I have a lot of reading to do (currently reading Death from the Skies, by Phil Plait aka the Bad have to read this book!!!).

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