Sunday, December 5, 2010

Broke Cowboys

I have been attempting to build a modest $100 bankroll on Full Tilt Poker, starting with no real money in my account. It sounded easy enough (I fancy myself a decent poker player) so a few months ago when I made it through the 20,000 entrant first round freeroll and advanced to the money tournament, I was feeling pretty good about my chances. Today, I decided to finally cash in my second round ticket and take my shot at a little real money. The first few hands were uneventful, which is actually pretty rare for a large field freeroll tournament. About a dozen hands in, I was "cyber dealt" a pair of Kings. Since I was in early position, I thought I would try to trap and I limped in for the minimum bet before the flop. The action folded around to the small blind, the one player I had labeled as hyper aggressive through the first ten minutes of the tournament. He raised it to three times the size of the pot. Based on the hands I had seen him play prior to this one, I deliberated for only a few seconds before "placing" all of my chips into the middle of the screen. He called instantly and for a moment I believed he had pocket aces. Of course he didn't...he had a pair of fives. So there we both were, his speed limit sign (get it...55) and my pair of kings. Two cowboys haven't looked so right for each other since Brokeback Mountain. It was very early on, but I was sure that this was a sign of good things to come. Then came the flop. 2 3 cowboys went from Brokeback to just plain broke. The turn and river offered no better, and I was left with just enough chips to play a few more hands and then surrender. You could argue that I shouldn't gamble for all of my chips in the first fifteen minutes of a tournament, and you would be right...if it had been anything other than a freeroll with 20,000 players. I'm going to focus on the positive instead. I didn't shatter the mouse or throw the laptop, so I guess I can take solace in the fact that I am at least acting more mature about bad beats. Oh well, back to square one.

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